How does it work?

We are focused on creating a source of passive income that will not be stressful and time consuming that is why we look into paying our users for what they have already been doing for free like subscribing to YouTube channels, watching YouTube videos, or sharing of social media posts. 

How much do you pay per task?

Each task carries a minimum of 50 points to a maximum amount of 100 points

How do i convert pictures to url?

upload the screenshot to https://prnt.sc this site will automatically convert your image to url. copy the url and send it to the admins for verification as instructed

How do i redeem gifts?

You will be given discounts as low as 50% on every product you redeem as a user. That is, to redeem a product of 10,000 Naira, you will pay 1000 points from your side hustle and a cash of 300 points. Then your product will be sent to you. 

How much can i make?

we have regulated how much you can make per day in order to prevent users from abusing the site.  Each user can make a maximum of  100 points per day. You can open more accounts if you need more daily points.

How much do you pay per referral?

We do not mandate our users to refer 

How much is the minimum withdrawal?

There is no minimum withdrawal. you can go to the market anytime your point is enough to redeem the product you want. 

Can i withdraw into my bank account?

You can only use your points to redeem products from the market if you have enough in your wallet. However, you can redeem your gifts and resell it to get cash if you desperately need cash. You are also permitted to sell the points in your dashboard to anyone who needs more points in his/her dashboard but you must be very careful doing this so you won’t be scammed. 

Do we pay for delivery fee?

Yes you will be charged for delivery fees. Delivery in Ibadan is #500. You can contact us to know how much we charge for your buyer’s location if you are reselling the products to other people.

Can I drop buyers address if I want to resell the product?

Yes you can the give use your buyers address and we will send the product to him/her directly from our warehouse.

Few of what to redeem in market

size 38 - 43


size 41 - 46


size 42 - 46


size 38 - 42


size 41 - 46


size 42 - 46


size 38 - 42


size 38 - 42


size 38 - 42